Fast Track Option for New Skaters

Are you a go getter and can’t wait to be on skates!?  Normally, we put new skaters through our skate camp; however we just finished a camp and there will not be another one until the Fall.  So if you missed it and you want to skate with us we will be enabling newbies to start with us on Sundays, at 3:30 PM at the H&R Hockey Rink in Pocatello, Idaho.  This is a fast track option for eager skaters who feel they can catch on quickly.  If you want to approach Derby more cautiously we encourage you to wait until our Fall 2016 Skate Camp.  Skate camp gives individuals more time and attention to skating and learning the rules.

How the fast track option works is you will be assigned a derby big sister to help you to participate in the endurance/skills portion of practice, but no contact for safety reasons.  We have gear that you can borrow but if you have any of your own please bring it.  You will need to bring a mouth guard or purchase one at the H&R Hockey Rink, they range from $1-$25.  The cost of each practice attended is $5, but the second practice is on the house.  Wear clothes that you can move around comfortably in and bring a water bottle.

Please message us on here, Face Book or via e-mail at  if this is something of interest to you .  You must be at least 18 years or older to join, males and females are welcome!  At the moment we only have a Women’s league, but we are always recruiting for Skating Officials of any gender.  Also Roller Derby is played on quad roller skates, but if you plan to be an official with no contact then roller blades are ok!   If you are commuting from Idaho Falls we do have carpools that you can potentially meet up with if you continue to come to practices.